Code Examples for Statamic Users


Querying UserID

To retrieve the UserID of a user, we first use the User facade from Statamic. With User::query()->where('name', 'Sebastian Widmann')->first();, the user with the name 'Sebastian Widmann' is queried. first() ensures that only the first matching entry is returned. Subsequently, the id of the found user is stored in the $user_id variable.

use Statamic\Facades\User;

$user = User::query()->where('name', 'Sebastian Widmann')->first();
$user_id =  $user->id;

Querying User

To find a user, there are different methods in Statamic. The User facade provides methods to find a user by email, ID or name. Please note that the name search does not necessarily yield unique results if there are multiple users with the same name.

use Statamic\Facades\User;

// Query user by email
$user = User::findByEmail('');

// Query user by ID
$user = User::find('f4198f3a-cb67-4fa4-b69a-834fb4970002');

// Query user by name (Note, not necessarily unique)
$user = User::query()->where('name', 'Sebastian Widmann')->first();

Querying All Superusers

To find all superusers, we use the User facade and run a query where we set the 'super' attribute to 'true'. get() is used to retrieve all users that meet the condition.

use Statamic\Facades\User;

User::query()->where('super', true)->get();

Querying Current Logged-In User

The User facade also offers a method to determine the currently logged-in user. User::current(); returns the user object of the currently logged-in user.

use Statamic\Facades\User;