Create Laravel User using Laravel Tinker


To create a new user in a Laravel application using the Tinker tool, you should follow the steps outlined below. Tinker is a powerful tool embedded in the Laravel environment that allows you to interact with your application from the command line.

Start by launching Tinker. Open your terminal or command prompt and navigate to the directory where your Laravel application is located. There, enter the following command:

php artisan tinker

Upon entering this command, Tinker will start, and you'll see a new prompt waiting for interaction with your Laravel application.

To add a new user, you can use the User model that's available in a standard Laravel application. First, create a new instance of the User model with the following code:

$user = new App\Models\User();

Then, set the password for the user. Laravel requires that passwords be encrypted before they're stored in the database. Use the Hash::make() function to generate a secure, encrypted password:

$user->password = Hash::make('my-password');

Next, set the email address and the name of the user:

$user->email = '';
$user->name = 'Example User';

Finally, save the new user to the database. The save() method takes the current information in the User object and stores it in the database:


After executing these commands, a new user should be created in your Laravel application and stored in your database. Please note that you'll need to adjust the name, email address, and password to your specific requirements.